dental center Čelesnik

just a smile away...

Even in a modern age I still think a simple word like dentist puts people in to uncomfortable mode and is often perceived as painful and unpleasant. It is that pre-sound from the past.

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I needed to visit a dentist because of my tooth accident happened in Nepal. As I knew I will depart towards my home country Slovenia in a few days, I did not want to push my luck and deal with my tooth issues in Kathmandu. I also knew I will be pretty much under the influence of a jet lag, as it seamed like a perfect timing.

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It is so, I do not see my very dear old friend Barby as often as I should and would like to. We have quite a history there with with my pal, since the high school days. 

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Unfortunately traveling takes a whole person, body and soul. I would expose that as one of the major downsides or disadvantages of being a traveler.  Apparently there are some tuff decisions and sacrifices to be made if you want to expand your knowledge about the world while on the road. According to this issue there is also a positive site to it. When you do finally meet, you always spend your time together as if it would be the last one.

photo: Troy Ziel

This time I took an opportunity to combine bought. To see Barby in her working environment dental laboratory, where she spends quite a lot of her precious time as well as fixing my tooth problem while hanging out with her. 

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I made an appointment in a dental center, dental center Čelesnik. 

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Of course I took my camera gear. Since her place is only a few minutes away from lake Bled, it was a perfect opportunity to finally take a walk around with my buddy Canon, as I would while on travels.

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When I arrived to the dental office, I did't wait long... still, I had just enough time to scan the place and feel the story. It felt natural. It felt homy and not at all at the dentist place. All the wooden craft, carefully designed details definitely got my attention.

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What surprised me the most, besides the high tech equipment was the vivid garden around the place. It is not ordinary for a dental office to have their own garden, especialy not in the city. 

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Later on I met the chief director 'Garfield the cat' who manages this place. He looked kinda silly, a bit self-centered and yet from my observations, he knew exactly how to operate with his garden and his customers. Aldo he can look quite bossy, he made me feel welcomed at his homegrown. He took me around and showed me the garden.

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This was a complitely deferent experience for me, lying on a dental chair observing the natural scenery, hearing the birds, while the professionals were dealing with my tooth problem.

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So much has changed since I left dentistry, seven years ago. All the advanced equipment, carefully chosen team with a positive attitude along their profesion made me feel I am in a trustworth place. 

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Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to meet all the team at the dental center Čelesnik. There is also a real dr. Rok Čelesnik, the son of the founder dr. Emil Čelesnik and now the father of the concept of this center. I have heard he has many stories to share. About the dental work and the place its self. But lets leave this chapter for the next time. I think the visit might bring even more picturestic and amusing stories on my path.

I would definitely recommend to visit their place. So, dental center Čelesnik it is.

streets of Venice

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Last year in Nepal I met a very special lady. She was one of the pertinence of the ‘glorious Gavin Gough team.’ 



As in Gavin’s nature keeping us occupied 24/7 we did not have much time to talk,  but I still remember those shine eyes attracted my attention as they were quietly talking to me.

I felt as if the story to be continued in the near future. As I strongly believe or relate to some of the Einstein’s thoughts, to be more prices (“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attraction’s.”) so It happened.



In the beginning of 2018 I got an email from the lady, inviting me to Venice masquerade carnival. Since I really wanted to meet her, that was a great opportunity for me. Not to mention Venice is practically an hour and a half away from my home country, Slovenia.

We were wondering around the beautiful vivid streets of Venice, chat as we would known each other for years and a week past in an instant.



I wouldn’t say I was surprised by all the stories she’s caring (that I have expected), but I was quite astonished by a similar interests we shared.

Every time I have mentioned a project I am working on, she has all ready achieved it. I got a tons of a serious advices, practically down to an exact details.



One evening she mentioned, tomorrow she doesn’t want to see me. Practically… get lost! Which at first sounded quite strange but in the other hand was quite convenient for me, because that day I got my best pictures from the masquerade.



The next day she took me to the place she kept her self busy and told me a story she was working on. The story that was also relevant for some of my projects.

When traveling around the globe with Alex, we also have a special interest for a local fabrics, materials and craft.

We wanted to design travel clothing, but not just any kind. Ones that you can travel light, breaths with your body and supports locals sellers.


The yarn shop she took me is called Lellabella and they sell the most beautiful local high quality yarn I have ever seen. The owner of the knitting shop only has one little store in Venice and attracts people from all over the world. There’s a vast selection of cashmere, Italian silk and linen stoles and scarves in exclusive styles and colours. It makes you speechless.


My lady was aiming to see the place and meet the owner for years and finally she did. Her eyes were shining like she would won a lottery ticket. When they got in to a conversation I lost them in five minutes.



Than I’ve just realized how much I still need to learn about all sorts of fabrics before I go out with my outfit travel collection.
Amazing how everything leads to a tiny detail if you want to achieve a quality product.



Aldo the main point of interest of this travel was to see the Venice carnival, we were also very interested to see how this beautiful masques are being made. While walking down the alley, my travel lady pointed at the local art studio called  Ca’Macana. That was exactly what we were looking for. Of course we had to check inside and spent some time there and now I know how the masks are being made.



By hand. All the good stuff is made by hand. They are using all sorts of materials by costumers order.



From Swarovski crystals, gold and silver leaf, silk to gem stones and actually… there is no limits of desire.



They produce all sorts of traditional venetian masks. The team was extremely nice and the owner of the company also surprised us with a very… how should I put it ‘down to earth’ attitude which I consider as very important, but not necessary usual. (have met a few and did not convinced me) I was happy to see how clean the place looked like, almost like a dental office. 



The owner showed us around the place and introduced us to the team and their work, how the masks are being made from the beginning to the end. I did not know that the world famous Carnival was declined for nearly two centuries. So at that time you could get only a glass or plastic souvenirs. In the beginning of 80th the city administration has decided to relaunch the Carnival of Venice.



There company rediscovered how to make an age-old traditional Venician masque and since 1986 they offer workshops where they teach and preserve age-old traditions and techniques for how to make carnival masks. I hope next year when I visit Venice, I will have more time, so I could participate in their workshop.




There I found an incomplete mask covered with dust (almost at the attic) that got my attention. I did pulled it out and found the mask I am searching for. The one I’ve already seen as it would already been completed.
My travel lady was smiling at me. I remember her saying: ‘And so you finally found it, Sabina. You found your people. This one really belongs to you.’ 



I wonder, will it be there waiting for me next year? If it really belongs to me, I believe it will and I can already imagine the result.

I will keep you updated. 

Off to Arctic circle

Mišmaš photo adventure from Slovenia to Arctic circle.

Route plan:

1.stop: Italy – Garda lake (covered with snow)

2.stop: Martigues to meet Azalai team ( for upgrading G – wagon:

Mercedes G Professional is upgraded with:
– new Flexible solar panels
– new battery LiFePO4
– new isolation (home made – Mismas production)
– much more…

3.stop: Camargue Nature Park (to feel the wildlife, breathe with flamingo birds)

Flamingos, Camargue, France, 2018

4.stop: Cannes to meet the team

Towards… Tromso…

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