feel Slovenia

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I feel Slovenia


Slovenia is a boutique country, situated in the heart of Europe where you can find almost everything. From Julian Alp mountains, lakes, caves, Adriatic sea, wild rivers, small cities, castles and villages.
As a land of natural beauty and diversity, Slovenia is the world’s first country to be named a green destination. Capital city Ljubljana was awarded the European Green Capital Title in 2016.

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All rights reserved by Mismas photography.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017


Inspired by the region 

Bled and Gorenjska region generally got my attention this summer (2017), so I was cruising around quite a lot. Observing all, landscape and people. Day and night. What a magical place that is. Hidden somewhere in the world smallest country. Now I know why Bled is mentioned as a pearl of the Alps. It really is a special place, definitely worth of visit.


All rights reserved by Mismas photography.

Playing with light, summer solstice, Bled, Slovenia, 2017


One of the long exposure projects I am working on in Gorenjska region, Blejski Vintgar, where I spent quite a few nights by this beautiful river. (got most of my attention this summer, 2017)