Ljubljana city

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Catching the light in Ljubljana

I love the feeling of fresh and new, spirit of adventure, when the adrenaline takes my mind up above. I simply love to travel.

I fell very homey getting lost among the streets and stories out there, somewhere a cross the ocean.

 After seven years of travels, I was very pleased to see how much my country Slovenia has changed.

Especially Ljubljana.

 Ljubljana has became an environmental friendly country.
 That was quite a relive after all the smog I have consumed through all the travels.


All rights reserved by Mismas photography.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017


As I remember Ljubljana a city full of cars, today blessed me with a new perspectives.

 Today Ljubljana city represents and gives all the priority to cycling and pedestrians, gives a respect to solar energy and clean water.

 I do not think you could wish for more.

I felt comfortable to walk among people from different regions and nations, passing all the varieties of local and world cuisine. All the happening on streets and specially a local art made me speechless. 



I felt safe with all the expensive photo equipment while wandering around during daytime and night-time and this is very important message for a photographer.

I would recommend visiting a capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana city.

 I could almost promise you, you will love the vibe.


All rights reserved by Mismas photography.

Would you like a cup of tea? (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017)