about me



‘My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe,
and my camera is my passport.’

Steve McCurry 

Sabina Mišmaš is a storytelling photographer based in Slovenia.

She is a traveler and explorer who passionately searches for impressive stories around the globe. She is an adventurer. The world, the soul and the unknown are her playground.

I am a storytelling photographer born in a beautiful green country Slovenia. Hidden between Adriatic sea and Alps, Slovenia was a small but great part of Yugoslavian Republic.

Larger part of my adult life has been revolving around teeth or the lack of them. For a decade I’ve been learning, working and improving my dental skills. I loved the artistic part of the work, yet my ‘happy feet’ weren’t satisfied.

I strongly believed and felt something big is waiting for me out there in this wide world. I was bumping my head against the ceiling. Nothing much made sense anymore and I knew I needed to give it a go at something more expressive.

The mishmash pretty much evolved in the beginning of 2011 when I quit my daily routine and went on to explore the world and myself. I have brought along my fresh digital friend at that time Canon 60D and a couple of lenses. Since then I have accomplished over sixty countries and still on the road. My soul bonds with the local people and simple life regardless the circumstances of the social instability and the state of my staying.

Now and then I like to disappear from the street and people to connect with the nature. For that occasions I like to shoot long exposures so I have time to process all the stories and knowledge given and received from the travels while enjoying the peacefulness and beauty of the natural surroundings.

My mind is connected with my camera considering as my third eye for all the hidden knowledge waiting for me on my new discovery, on my path.

So, who is Sabina now you wonder?

Sabina Mišmaš is a storytelling photographer, based in Slovenia.
She is a traveler. Since 2011 she traveled over fifty countries, 70% off-roading. She is an explorer, passionately searching for an impressive stories, from her homegrown and all around the globe. She is an adventurous. The world, the soul and the unknown are her playground.